Shamai Haber (1922-1995) was a well known sculptor and painter. He was born in Lodz in Poland and left that country in 1935. He settled in Israel where he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Tel Aviv and in 1949 moved to Paris. During the 1950s he produced a number of abstract paintings and he later focused on his sculpture, many of which were for public commissions in France and Israel. An example is the Fontaine du Creuset-du-Temps, Place de Catalogne, Paris, dating from 1988.

Shamai Haber - Untitled Abstract

Artist: Shamai HaberTitle: Untitled Abstract - an original signed painting in mixed media; unframed   Description: The present work is an original abstract painting in mixed media (mainly inks, charcoal, pastel and gouache) which is signed by the artist lower left. It is very..