Beresford Egan (1905-1984) was a highly original artist, illustrator, designer, writer and actor, noted for his erotic art. He was born in London and was educated in South Africa. He returned to London in 1926 after spending two years as a sports cartoonist on the Rand Daily Mail in Johannesburg, and soon became closely associated with the Art Deco movement and the work of The Decadents. He illustrated a number of books in the late 1920s and early 1930s, including The Sink of Solitude, Moonchild, Les Fleurs du Mal, Cyprian Masques, and De Sade. Egan also wrote plays, and appeared as a performer in films and in the music-halls. As an artist he worked in various media but is especially known for his drawings in pen and ink, pencil and grey wash. In 1966/1967, an exhibition of his work was held at the Duncan Gallery in St Martin’s Court, just off the Charing Cross Road in central London. For more information it is well worth reading both ‘Beresford Egan - An Introduction to his Work’ by Paul Allen, published in 1966 by Scorpion Press, Lowestoft, and the now scarce limited edition book titled ‘Beresford Egan’ by Adrian Woodhouse which was published in 2005 by Tartarus Press, Leyburn. Beresford Egan died in London.

Beresford Egan - Man & Woman Dancing I & II

Artist: Beresford EganTitle: Man and Woman Dancing I and II - original signed drawings in ink, grey wash and with highlights in chalk, both framed Description: The present works are original drawings on Canson & Montgolfier paper executed in ink with grey wash and highlights i..